Moving on… To another blog :)

24 Nov

I am a little sad to think this blog may not be used now as I have almost finished the website and can use the incorporated blog there.

So this blog will be no more. For now. When I started it very slowly almost two years ago, I really didn’t expect it would take me where I am now. I have met some amazing people who have shown support the whole way through. I have talked about Sarah, Robin’s sister and how much I miss her.

We have also mentioned our trips, shared our worries and excitement and now we are moving to a new level of our blogging life. I will come by this blog again. Leave note, thoughts. Just like it was meant to be.

Inspire Me is not over. It’s just ever changing but it will never be over. I will keep checking in. I hope you do too!

So find us now on BUBBLEROCK and even though it doesn’t look like it, you can COMMENT… Just need to find out how I can make that more obvious.

Miss you always ‘Little  Big’…


High Tea and yummy goodies

22 Nov

I went to two high teas this weekend and one had the most amazing looking and tasting goodies.

My workmate Kendall’s friend Kendall (called Kenny for obvious reasons) is an amazing chef and for some reasons, she doesn’t really do much about it on a professional level and I am wondering: WHY? She bakes the most amazing little cupcakes and decorates them exquisitely. I think she has a bright future ahead of her.

What do you guys think? Look at this yumminess!

A little heart. So sweet.

Not only they were tasting amazing, but look at how pretty they are. The details are amazing. And those chocolate brownie ones? So goooood!

A 21st.

21 Nov

I went to Robin’s cousin’s 21st the other night. It is a big deal in New Zealand so they generally celebrate pretty intensely this particular birthday. I was just there as a guest, and ended up being ‘the photographer’. Should I have charged? Haha. Just kidding.

Here are some of the fun snaps of the night. Robert had a great celebration. That’s for sure.

I had a great time and it was one of the most unexpected party I have been to in a while.

Etsy Friday Find {clutches}

19 Nov

Just a few cool clutches for my Friday Find on Etsy from the cool Fiazco shop. Love the use of patterns and screenprints – gives a really cool edgy look. This to me could be perfect for a wedding clutch. Enjoy.

What is a “Friwi”?

18 Nov

A Friwi is the combination of a French and a Kiwi: it represents the love that bounds Robin (aka fiance) and I.

The image below represents this bond: two lives, two unique personalities, two souls becoming one.

I love the idea of becoming a friwi. It’s fulfilling.

A clock. Yes. A clock.

17 Nov

Well today I just thought I would do a quick feature on one of the many clocks that my soon-to-be brother in law crafts.

I not only think they are quite stunning and well-made. I also still have a huge block of limestone in my garage, which if Gareth sells clocks will slowly be eaten way and disappear! Haha.

In all seriousness (and honesty) – those are fine clocks and look absolutely gorgeous in a house and they are now available on Etsy (right in time for Christmas, how cool)… So make sure to go over to Etsy and check out this clock. More will be added soon, as well as Gareth is happy to work on commissioned work.

Guest Blog over at Valley & Co

16 Nov

Champagne dessert for two: sounds rather fine to me.

This is the guest blog post I put together for Aleah + Nick while they are enjoying NYC. And I am a little tad jealous… If you haven’t noticed yet, traveling could easily be my full time job!

So I pulled a couple of my friends, Kendall and Lindsay on a Sunday afternoon to create this little inspiration shoot, which is achievable by all as long as you put a little time in it. I leave you with one board and you should go and see the rest of the post over at Valley and Co…

The Team:

Concept by Steph Dunant + Kendall Hunt + Lindsay Woodall
Photography by Steph Dunant
Wine Charms: Kendall Hunt for BubbleRock on Etsy
Clock: Gareth Killip for BubbleRock on Etsy
Buntings: GiggleBerry
Model: Kendal Hunt

A photo. No Word.

14 Nov

An afternoon with Zoe

13 Nov

Images that simply do not need much words. A sunny afternoon with 7-month-old little Zoe and her adorable parents: Tim and Fay. It was fun and Zoe is just such a cutie. See for yourself.

It was the opportunity to have some mum-&-dad-time in the sun.

Lovely parents, cute Zoe.

With her favourite soft toy too: Winnie!

Thursday – {Purse Day}

11 Nov

Well, it’s not quite Thursday here anymore but it is in a majority of countries so I thought I’d join in on the fun of Thursday – Purse Day.

I am not a very bag person and I have been carrying around a backpack lately: very stylish, I know. But I am learning to get closer to my feminine side (may even have enough courage to get my ears pierced!) and what I like in a bag is for it to be practical as well as kind of cool!

So my pick for my first Thursday Purse Day will be this cool old-fashioned looking bag from Modcloth.

But I am also thinking of not having flowers for me and my bridesmaids, but instead have an accessory (the plan being to save some money). So I looked on Etsy and I found those really cool colourful clutches from RayDesign

And maybe this really cute one, just for me from ClutchThat on Etsy.


So here ladies is my first Thursday Purse Day post and I hope you enjoyed my addition to the mix and you will certainly not find in the future much ‘classical’ bags and accessories on my blog as really I am not your traditional girly girl!…