I have an idea!

19 Jan
My old-school writing companion

My old-school writing companion

Ok! This may sound a bit weird, but I have a script idea. Just a short film at this point but I just felt inspired when riding a train home . Just observing people, making small encounters that make you think and realise how many little beautiful stories there are around us.

Anyway, in other words, I have a story idea. Now I have to work on it, and nothing would be better than to do it on my amazing looking old school typewriter… on my old looking desk.

So now I have no reason not to write this nice little story that is growing in my head, but still remain the eternal sense that it is just not good enough.

So I will get back to my typewriter and write this bloody story, and why not shoot it so bubblerock can really come back from its ashes! And finally, I feel like I have a small project I could be developing to an end product: a short film!

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