Live from San Fran…

9 Apr

sfmontageSan Francisco aye!? Random among the randomest!

No plans on coming here in the first place, then I do and meet some people that I have never thought of meeting soon!

Julien – old high school friend! and his wife! I know!

and Juan, Paolita’s big brother! Random!

Just under a week there but what a week – no sightseeing really but just the mere fact of walking down the street, passing by the cable cars, and just seeing the Golden Gate from far – priceless.

And Pixar. The opportunity to have a special tour of Pixar is one of those things that makes trip all so worth it.

I have always known that I would love San Francisco and that I would fall in love with the place, and I have. I am sure the amazing weather was helping, and the relatively stress-free environment did too. Yet, I cannot imagine it being any other way. But my only worry is that you wouldn’t be able to get to live in the central city, where it would be awesome as SF is reputed to be an expensive city.

Downside too? Being on my own and not being able to share the joys of looking around the place.


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