The NZ News – shocking

18 May


I wish I had more time to comment and rant about every single thing i dislike about how NZ treats the News… but in a nutshell, once the media have something they really like, or makes headlines, they never ever ever let it go to the point that a TV One presenter interviews a TV3 one as they have seriously dried out the story, or commenting about the Minister of Health’s amazing-looking tie, or maybe about that Mexican soccer player who got red-carded because he spit on someone and then said “Ha Ha, I have the swine flu!”… Cos that’s worthy of your daily news!… Nice info sure, but oh so annoying when you have had already so much bullshit told about the swine flu!…and what’s up with ads in the middle of your 6pm news!!!!

Grow the F@##k up NZ Media…

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