Life is beautiful

27 Jul

No question about that. Life is beautiful. Even when life’s a b!tch, it’s also beautiful.
And often, life would not be so beautiful if it wasn’t a b!tch.

Anyway, that said, I wanted to add that Robin and I are going to Mexico… First stop, Los Angeles for two or three days and the traditional Walk of Fame, Hollywood Blvd, Universal Studios, UCLA, Santa Monica Pier… My only regret is I had to choose between Universal Studios and Disneyland… Who in their right mind would force me to choose…!?

Typical Sightseeing in Los Angeles

And after LA, we will be flying to Mexico (still tickets to be bought!) and stay in the beautiful country for about a week. Just cannot wait. It seems that the tunes from one of my favourite Speedy Gonzales’ episodes keeps going in circles in our heads… and please, let me see Mariachis…

Mexico's icons for us, gringos!
Mexico’s icons for us, gringos!

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