To Sarah “Little-Big” with love…

8 Oct

A passage from my letter to Sarah which will go in her book:

“Dear Sarah,

It’s been a week now and my life seems to be missing an essential piece to make it complete. Life without you “Little-Big” just doesn’t seem to be quite the same even if in a weird way it still feels like you are just going to give us a call and make sure we don’t forget father’s day or a birthday coming up.

Where have you flown to? Can you come back now and wake us up from this surreal place we’re in…?

The last ten days we have had with you were one of those amazing gifts I will remember and treasure for as long as I live.
I only just knew you. I only got to scratch the surface of the amazing woman you were. I miss you “Little-Big”; more than words can tell, more than one heart alone can endure, more than I ever dared fear… But I am not alone and with me, everyone else isn’t alone. So “Little-Big”, I promise to take good care of those you left behind and forever you will live in our hearts and in the hearts of those who will follow…

And at the sight of a butterfly, I know my heart will fill with warmth as with it the memory of you will come, and the murmur of your voice will be heard… You’ve taught me the biggest life lesson: love with no condition and to no end.

Stay close “Little-Big”, never fly too far.
I love you.”


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