Finding Patricia Grace

21 Oct

Patricia Grace is not only a great New Zealand and Maori writer, but she also helped my mum through a really tough time in her life and I will be forever grateful to this woman, even if I do not know her.

Her books were a great support to my mother – she read them, she translated them into French, for her own purpose – and this was to keep her head above the water.

Now I would like to find Patricia Grace so my mum can meet her when she will be in New Zealand next. I know this sounds silly but it means a lot to her and that’s what matters. So I am on a hunt, to find and talk to Patricia Grace for my mum. And I thought I would share. And this is because no one matters more to me than my family and my friends.

Patricia Grace in 1983

One Response to “Finding Patricia Grace”

  1. Steph October 23, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    I have been in touch with her publisher and she will be passing on my email talking about my mum’s story and it would be great if we can meet her – I am that step closer!

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