2010 – the year of change

14 Feb

Twenty Ten is going to be a transition year I believe. There is a lot to expect in 2011, officially, but there could be some more to look forward to in 2010.

First, and foremost. There will be a trip mid-year. Six weeks of traveling the world with Robin again and I just cannot wait. The plan is France (and somewhere else in Europe, already including Spain, and maybe one of the following: Prague, St Petersburg, Stockholm…). Then, we’re off the New York City and I just cannot wait for that. I will be catching up with Flora and Cesar and finally meet Erin, and the new addition – Camille! Thinking of staying around the East Coast a bit longer than originally planned, maybe even making it to Boston via Cape Cod, and Nantuket.

Then it will be the US West Coast. Probably not LA (unless I manage to fit it in, as I DO love it) but definitely San Fran (again) with a visit to Yosemite, that’s for sure!

So that’s the one official thing we are looking forward to for the new decade. And I have big hopes that November may be a big month for Robin and I too… And then, the wedding will be here in no time.

But I have to admit – travel is our thing. We love seeing the world. We love discovering new places. This is what brings us together more than anything else and this is what we are going to celebrate when the wedding comes… More about that in the next few posts, I am sure.

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