Simple moments, full on emotions!

15 Feb

Just read a blog post about how people have had some “awww” moments yesterday on Valentine’s Day. I will not comment about V-day. Not a big fan, rather say ‘I love you’ everyday and not make anyone feel like they have to be extra nice that particular day. Robin and I, I believe, are sharing, and celebrating our love everyday.
So enough of the cheese (you know, cheesy comments and stuff) and let’s get down to the reason why I am writing up this post today: simplicity.

I’d love to believe I will be following my own personal advice when it comes to planning our wedding – let’s keep it simple. The most important is not about the extravagance of the wedding, it’s about the people, the little things that make everyone go “wow”, and these don’t need to be huge, expensive… It can be crazy, and reasonable. It’s all about the people and the sharing of intense emotions.

I would be really keen to hear people’s opinions on what makes them go “wow” at a wedding. And I am committed on making people go on an emotional journey, one they will remember forever, and one they will look back onto, thinking, “I remember how it feels to love, the warmth, the joy, the simplicity”. I want each and everyone of our guests to play a part in the day, to have an active role, and even maybe, feel ‘changed’ by it so they can look upon the future as a great adventure to come.

Needless to say, I am a people believer. I have faith in Human Beings (call me crazy or hopelessly naive), but ultimately, we all thrive to be happy, and share this happiness with others. We only have one real go at it (maybe more but I can’t be sure) and I think that we should all get the most out of it.

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