A Tuesday big on emotions!

16 Feb

Today, I will just say this. I have given someone a chance to change his life. He applied to my work to become a student in our Diploma of 3D Animation. He moved all the way from Brazil in an attempt to change his life, after 20 years in the IT industry.

He was nervous, certainly unsure whether he was going to be accepted. I was really wanting him to have the minimum required skills to make it in. I felt attached to this application, no specific reasons other that he was inspiring: changing his life, turning it upside down to have a new take on his future. Inspiring.

And when I gave him the good news, he almost cried. He couldn’t believe it and this humbled me hugely. I only played a small part in this but I have made someone extremely happy today and THAT makes any job worth the hard work. I almost cried myself.

So it was indeed a Terrific Tuesday.

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