Back to basics

23 Feb

Planning a wedding is not an easy task and it is true that the importance lies within finding out what you really want, what your theme, style, colours are, and making sure everything work together. I am not averse to eclecticism, on the contrary. But an eclectic style that fits.

I have recently come across a book cover (below and see artist’s website here) that I dearly love and has become a huge inspiration. I had been looking for something similar for months and could never find what I wanted. A mix of old and new, vintage and futuristic – as well as travels. Something Jules Verne would have imagined and something this PhD student has brought to me.

This will become the core of our inspiration. Yet I have so much more I could share.
I know our wedding will try and be a low budget DIY project. And a lot of us will come through on the day.
And I couldn’t do this without my wedding designer extraordinaire – Kyle Meszaros. An amazing designer but first and foremost a friend I can get excited with when it comes to planning the wedding and coming up with cool concepts.


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