DIY or not-DIY?

24 Feb

Trying to keep your wedding to a reasonable budget seems a hard task. Sometimes I feel like DIY is the answer, sometimes I realise it may not always be the case. DIY has got its share of “hidden” costs as it may take a few supplies and tries before you get the desired result.

Yet I am committed in giving it a real good try. It is fun anyway: to feel like you are putting so much of yourself into the wedding you are designing. And to be honest, it gives me something to look forward to and keep me sane after a long day at work. Being creative rocks!…

Before I get started, I am looking at blogs for inspiration, some wedding magazines as well although I have to say I find them very disappointing. I talk and brainstorm with other people (brides over twitter and emails) and my fiance, as well as my awesome Wedding Designer: Kyle! He is a designer friend of mine who told me that designing for wedding is secretly a designer’s dream… How could I know? But let’s say that’s a bonus and I am his “guinea pig”.

There is so much to think about, and knowing our wedding theme and the atmosphere we want to achieve is essential. And we are still slowing working on it, although some elements are very clear to us.

I do want to cut costs AND I do want to feel this wedding is ours. So what to do in DIY and what not to?

Here is one thing I know I want to do – it will tie in with our theme, be a nice giveaway and if the weather is great and sunny, it could be use for some shading and certainly with the heat! So the fan/order of ceremony is a MUST.

So DIY it will be. All the way, probably not – as you cannot “cheapen” every aspects of your big day. But I will certainly share more about all the things we will be doing ourselves! Fun times ahead!

One Response to “DIY or not-DIY?”

  1. Kate/MagnoliaRouge March 4, 2010 at 4:44 am #

    I’ve done these for lots of brides and they’re always a hit! And super easy to DIY!!

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