Let’s party: Engagement!

9 Mar

Right. Just a quick post to show off some of the photos from the party. Well, not so many photos unfortunately as I didn’t get the camera out until much later in the night.

We chose to have our party at home. That helped keeping the prices down and being able to offer food and drinks to people. And also, I was able to “decorate” the backyard with the view of a small rehearsal before the real thing in February 2011. (I mean the wedding!)

The party was great. Didn’t even play Guitar Hero – how weird. Instead, we had a couple of people challenging each other to store the biggest amount of grapes in the mouth before they either have to choke on them, swallow them, and spit them all out in a big laugh. Classic and random all at the same time!

With a great bunting  banner created by GiggleBerry Creations, I set the tone with blue and  yellow (nice and summer), together with a vintage feel through the little signs I designed and got printed.

We played our gramophone to our guests’ total awe and had the super 8 camera rolling a little bit.

I had a great time and found the engagement party being just another excuse to celebrate with people. I didn’t feel like we were the focus of the party at all (which is fine by me) but that everyone was having a good time, talking to people and feeling right at home. To me, it was a great success. I just wish I had taken more photos during the afternoon!

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