A “re-usable” dress for bride and bridesmaids

15 Mar

When I think about wedding and the costs of them (knowing that the dress is often one of the biggest spends), I have decided that whatever I choose to get both for me and the girls will need to be “re-usable”.

I’d like to believe that my wedding dress would, after little alterations be recycled into a summer dress that I could wear at cocktail parties, afternoon in the sun or a night out.

For the girls, I want them to choose a style that they feel comfortable with and would totally wear again. That’s why I like the idea of the wrap dress or the 1001 ways dress.

Small inspiration board for the wedding dress: structured bodice, which gives definition to your waist; asymmetric or strapless top; and most importantly a floaty multi-layered skirt, which brings a sense of freedom, beach-style, and romance.

Bodice design by Alma J – Bottom right dress by Ana Quasoar.

A wrap dress for the girls so they choose the style that fits their body best and suits their mood of the day. The most important for me is that my bridesmaids feel gorgeous and comfortable, and that they feel they will wear their dresses again.

Dresses by Butter By Nadia.


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