Start looking for a photographer now.

8 Jul

Here is one of the posts I wrote for The Wedding Muse. This blog is linked to the amazing Bec Tait’s Bridez United over in Australia.
Here it is now, featured on my blog for your reading pleasure.

I am in the middle of trying to find a photographer for my wedding and the first thing to know is: look early. The best photographers will be booked months in advance. And as they all say, (brides that is), the is almost the number one thing to not compromise on.

I was going to compromise on it, somehow (tight budget) but I think this is indeed the one chance in my life to look right out of a fashion magazine. And only photographers with experience will be able to take the best photos of us.

1- Theatrical | 2- Journalistic (Photos by Fiona Andersen | New Zealand)

There are as many photographers as they are styles out there so first, I think it is important to browse the net for inspiration.

Find those shots that really speak to you. Most photographers will be open to see what you are after so they better understand your personality and what you wish to get out of them. BUT, make sure that you do not overload them and force them into a direction they are not comfortable with.

Photographers do have their own style and sometimes, it is important to simply trust them, especially if you have seen those stunning shots you love so much in their portfolios and galleries.

Number one tip here: research and then communicate. Be clear about your expectations. Lay them down for your photographer. And then let them be. They are professionals.

So, first assignment to you all, brides and grooms out there. Browse the net, find those shots that are so you, what makes you click, what makes you say – wow, this is exactly what I am after. And then refine your own photographic taste and look for that photographer (or few) that will make you feel comfortable on your day and that you can trust entirely.

This will be a hard process, believe me, unless you already know the perfect person. But this is something that you have to go through together, as a couple. And the results will be there for you to cherish for the rest of your lives!

1- & 3- Theatrical | Photos by Matthew Miller
2- Vintage (unknown credit)
4- Modern Composition | Photo by Our Labor of Love
5- Retro & Journalistic | Photo by Matthew Miller

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