Photo Style | composition

15 Jul

When doing my research on photographic style for wedding, engagement shoot and photography in general, I look at different elements: locations, lighting, angles, composition, movement and action, colours… And I am thinking that I need to find what really makes me tick and feel – ‘right, this is the style I am after’…

Well, in my attempt to draw a clear picture of this (and with in mind the upcoming wedding, for sure), I thought of posting regularly photos that I have come across that fit within each element I am looking for. This way, I keep the inspiration flow going and maybe I will inspire one or two people out there.

So first up, composition.

I am not really one for straight, clear-cut, traditional photography – and those shots below are just a small example of what I mean by ‘break the rules’ but still ‘think about your shot’. It needs to be an intent, rather than a mistake! And that’s what makes all the difference.

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