Getting it made

20 Jul

The ‘wedding’ celebration that we are having in France in soon approaching – about 86,000min actually! (yes, I even have a countdown for that).
This weekend, I brought to my dressmaker the fabric and material for the making of the dress I will wear at this particular party. You have seen the work in progress as to the invitations for that party before. (yes you have)

I cannot wait to have it and wear it… I think first fitting is due on this weekend and it’s great that I get a chance to get a simple dress made specially for the occasion.
It’s not really wedding-like and the fabric I found, I totally fell in love with (and so did the dressmaker)… Simple and cotton-based but so nice and elegant… So watch this space.

The design of the dress is based around this one here… And yes, it will be awesome.

I will be creating some details for it myself as the dressmaker is just really make the shape for it, not adding the flowers that are on the design. What would you recommend I do to accessorise it to make it a bit more glamorous for the day? I was thinking of a shrug like the Opera shrug (on the photo) or a nice, elegant knit.

The other great thing about this dress is that I can totally dress it up and dress it down. That’s the idea at least… Good option for a day-after dress for the wedding, no?

So exciting!

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