One Little Woman | One Massive Heart

17 Aug

When I created this blog, I wanted it to be all about inspiration and what really inspires me; and nothing has inspired me most lately than this one young woman.

Kelsey Porter is 16. She has her own battles to fight and at such a young age, she’s already had her share of hardship and barriers to overcome. Yet, this is not stopping her from doing something that any young girl of her age would consider totally unthinkable: she is shaving her whole head off for charity.

Through NZ’s Greatest Shave, Kelsey is supporting the Leukemia and Blood Foundation by raising money to help the estimated 10,000 people who suffer from blood cancer or similar conditions in New Zealand.

With this very bold move, Kelsey is raising high in the ranks of inspiring and courageous people. It may seem like nothing to most of us, but really, put it all in perspective:

She is 16. At 16, you think about your look, you are the easy target of laughter and mockery. Yet, she doesn’t care.
She also has a condition, which makes her hair grow a lot slower than the norm. So not only she is being courageous to shave her hair in the first place, but she is also committing to that new look for a lot longer than most of us would and for that, she is my biggest inspiration of 2010.

Kelsey, you are one amazing girl and I know you will go far!

So, please donate for the cause. Support an amazing young woman. And help people who are not as lucky as the rest of us and who have to fight everyday with a blood condition. Support, whether you are in New Zealand or overseas!

To donate, follow this LINK.

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