Invitations are driving me mad!

29 Oct

I have to admit. I love the idea of designing my own invitation but I am my worst critic as well. I come up with idea, then I think about dropping those ideas because they do not suit. It is driving me mad but at the same time, I think I love the idea that it is driving me mad!

I think something that is really characteristic of Robin and I and our relationship is: indecision! We love so many different things, we feed off vintage and modern. We are into photography, travels, summer bbq, films, creative projects and to nail down ONE concept for our wedding is difficult.

When we both decided to embrace our indecision and the fact we love so many things, we decided to create a book to complement our invitation, along with an old fashion map, a quirky front page for the invitation and just have some fun.

When I saw this invitation, also featured on Green Wedding Shoes, I thought this was very much in the direction we were thinking to go in. Have some fun with our invitation, create a book to add with our invitation, especially for those who want to know more about us, about the day, about the destination and what to do when spending a great weekend up in a beach resort with us, in NZ.

So I cannot wait to share what are working on. It certainly will be a mix-match but it is just so us!

In the meantime, enjoy this great invitation design by the groom himself Mike.

Designed by Mike for Mike and Rachael’s wedding

One Response to “Invitations are driving me mad!”

  1. Brancoprata October 29, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    Your invitation is going to be GORGEOUS… believe me i KNOW!!!!!

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