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Making progress…

8 Nov

I am making a book for our wedding invitation. That’s right! I like to complicate myself with unnecessary extra work or worries but, all in all, I am happy to do so!

I have been struggling coming up with a look and feel. A theme. A front and back cover. I have had trouble tying it all in. Until I created something, which now I love and I can see the vision coming together rather nicely.

I do not want to reveal the front cover (just yet) but I like the simplicity of the back cover so I thought I would share that, at least!

What do you think?


The big paradox

8 Nov

Well, I make this post sound very philosophical but it has to do with weddings! It is however something I guess we can apply to anything: travels, parties, …

What is ‘that’?
I realised this morning (really? only this morning?) that I cannot wait until our wedding in February. I have so many friends who are making the trip from Europe (and beyond) and being able to see them and have a holiday with them has been something I have wanted for years and it is all happening now. So I really cannot wait until February 2011.
But on the other side – when it’s happened, it’s over. It’s in the past. No more looking forward to it, no more planning, no more creating details for the day, no more excited expectations… It’s in the past. It will be certainly the best memories ever, but it is nonetheless in the past.

For me, this is the biggest paradox, contradiction, what ever you want to call it. You just cannot wait to be there but you are not looking forward to it being over. Heartbreaking situation.

But I still cannot wait, I will just have to make sure I enjoy the journey till that day.

Credit: Photography by Andre Teixeira / Branco Prata