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Dramatic teaser

10 Sep

As part of the Boutique Bride, which I joined back in July this year, I have created this teaser on our first collective photo shoot. The shoot was meant to show off everyone’s talent. I hadn’t been filming for a while and I am rather happy with the result.

This one is part of a two-teaser collection and doesn’t display super8 footage. The second one, that you can view on vimeo directly is also a lot more dramatic and really meant to act as a tease… Would you want to see more?

Let me know!


First video on the 7D

26 Jul

My trial run on Saturday also included a little bit of filming. The aquarium was really dark adn I am still learning the ins and outs of filming with a SLR camera (as opposed to my normal Canon video camera…) but not bad…

7D has my heart.

26 Jul

I had the privilege of trying out the 7D this weekend (thanks Jay for letting me have it, as unplanned as it was.)

So I am happy to announce that I officially love it and for my first trial run (both video and photo), I didn’t do too badly!

Canon have always been the type of cameras I wanted to buy but never could afford (well, still can’t really but will try and make it work somehow). And I have always loved my trusted Olympus as it takes amazing pictures too (it’s often more the work of the photographer rather than the camera itself). But yes, I am in love with the 7D and it could  bring so much to my work/art/everything.

Here are a few samples. Enjoy and comment away.

What a beautiful Sunday

11 Jul

Today was a bright, sunny and super cold day here in Auckland.

I spent the day out on an inspiration shoot – my first ever and I was filming all day on it.  It was a lot of fun working with so many talented professionals and I have to say – big ups to the two models who braved the cold for so long and never ever complained!

Here is a shot of Amazing Auckland at sunset… And if you were hoping to have a sneak peek of the shoot (or of my videos), well sorry. This won’t be released for a while yet. You will just have to wait.

The Boutique Bride

6 Jul

So, here we are. Taking a little plunge into a new direction in life, or at least a side direction.

It is not such a new direction considering I have filmed my fair share of wedding videos but certainly a plunge into high quality wedding short films, using HD and super8 films and the art of storytelling (as opposed to a purely chronological rendition of the day).

The jump consists in fact of being an integral part of a great team: The  Boutique Bride. I am joining the team of talented wedding specialists who are keen to create a one-stop-shop but in the most elegant, efficient, and high quality of ways. It’s only the beginning with the grand opening this weekend but it is certainly going to be an interesting collaboration.

Check it out if you are a bride out there looking for high quality vendors. I think this will be really exciting.

So getting into this is a bit crazy but what do you guys think? Plunge!??

Check out the Boutique Bride on facebook as well.

Super8 – Old’s cool!

18 Jun

I finally received our two first ever reels processed since 1981. I resurrected my parents’ canon super8 camera after nearly 30 years of not being used and the results were really above my expectations.
I am so excited and without further ado, here is the result.