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A 21st.

21 Nov

I went to Robin’s cousin’s 21st the other night. It is a big deal in New Zealand so they generally celebrate pretty intensely this particular birthday. I was just there as a guest, and ended up being ‘the photographer’. Should I have charged? Haha. Just kidding.

Here are some of the fun snaps of the night. Robert had a great celebration. That’s for sure.

I had a great time and it was one of the most unexpected party I have been to in a while.


A photo. No Word.

14 Nov

Need to shoot…

9 Nov

When I roam the blogosphere and see all my twitter friends being amazing and talented people, I wish I had the time and no day job to do what I love doing – design, photograph and film.

Tonight, I thought: let’s do a mini-session. I gave myself 10min to find props, set the scene and shoot! And here is the result. Nothing amazing but a start. But most importantly, it teaches me one thing or two.

  1. Have a concept. It’s hard to just pull props from around the house and hope it’ll just work.
  2. Take your time. No point trying to achieve grand things with only 10min – speed-shooting doesn’t necessarily bring inspiration
  3. Select your props and lay them out with the plan in mind.
  4. Choose a good location or a good time of day when you have plenty of natural light and no distracting background (oh I cannot wait for my home office to be revamped)
  5. Do it for yourself first. I love photography so it’s just fun to take the camera and shoot.

And maybe I should add: don’t be overly perfectionist or self-critical. I am not that bad!

Oh! And. I almost forgot. Keep your cats away from the set! Ah!… Enjoy.

Caught on the moment

10 Sep

Travel inspiration

10 Sep

I cannot spend too much time working on the computer when I am on holidays, can I?

However, the good news (or bad) is that I am back on track with the Internet and I will be able to upload and tell more of our world tour stories! But for now, I will only leave you with a couple of shots for our trip so far. Two photos that seem to have made people talk!


Caught on the moment

21 Aug

Walk on the beach | Shoot

16 Aug

Sarita, one of my bridesmaids and I took a walk on the beach the other day. She is quite an easy person to photograph because she has so much energy, looks amazing and always is having fun.

The light was perfect. Blue, cold, even. The sea and Rangitoto looked like a pastel painting. It was brilliant. And I just snapped a few fun shots, just because I could. Here is the result.

Crisp as a winter’s night

9 Aug

On my way home from the train station, I took a couple of shots back towards Auckland. It was a cold, crisp night tonight and the 7D gets the ‘crisp’ concept just so perfectly. Enjoy.

The 7D is finally ours

7 Aug

Just a couple of shots snapped with our 7D this afternoon. Such a beautiful camera and it takes amazing photos. (And I do have a bit of something to do with it).

What do you think of those images?

Loves me. Loves me not | Caught in a moment

6 Aug