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A 21st.

21 Nov

I went to Robin’s cousin’s 21st the other night. It is a big deal in New Zealand so they generally celebrate pretty intensely this particular birthday. I was just there as a guest, and ended up being ‘the photographer’. Should I have charged? Haha. Just kidding.

Here are some of the fun snaps of the night. Robert had a great celebration. That’s for sure.

I had a great time and it was one of the most unexpected party I have been to in a while.


A photo. No Word.

14 Nov

An afternoon with Zoe

13 Nov

Images that simply do not need much words. A sunny afternoon with 7-month-old little Zoe and her adorable parents: Tim and Fay. It was fun and Zoe is just such a cutie. See for yourself.

It was the opportunity to have some mum-&-dad-time in the sun.

Lovely parents, cute Zoe.

With her favourite soft toy too: Winnie!

100-day challenge

10 Nov

This is all I have. ONE HUNDRED DAYS.

The countdown to one of the most exciting times of my life is on. And I am sure those100 days will pass by in a flash.

So, for my 100-day-to-go post, I thought I’d just share about some amazing photography that I came about yesterday. I have always wanted to have photos in the water. Not close to it, in it! Jumping in a pool, underwater…

My favourite image of all times is one from Jessica Peterson. A-MA-ZING! It’s been around the web a bit but there is no issue in showing it again and inspiring some other readers with it.

These two black and white shots from Holladay Photo are brilliant too. Not in a swimming pool, but out there in the ocean and how I love my ocean (and we have plenty of it in NZ and around where we are getting married). This would be such fun to do something like this. (wink wink to my photographer out there)

And finally, there is the ‘on-the-water-edge’ photos. A bit more daring (but not that daring, surely) but oh so romantic and pretty. I am in love with those shots. It looks fun and intense at the same time. May as well have some fun with the water once you are soaked with it.

Credit: Studio Foto Blog

Need to shoot…

9 Nov

When I roam the blogosphere and see all my twitter friends being amazing and talented people, I wish I had the time and no day job to do what I love doing – design, photograph and film.

Tonight, I thought: let’s do a mini-session. I gave myself 10min to find props, set the scene and shoot! And here is the result. Nothing amazing but a start. But most importantly, it teaches me one thing or two.

  1. Have a concept. It’s hard to just pull props from around the house and hope it’ll just work.
  2. Take your time. No point trying to achieve grand things with only 10min – speed-shooting doesn’t necessarily bring inspiration
  3. Select your props and lay them out with the plan in mind.
  4. Choose a good location or a good time of day when you have plenty of natural light and no distracting background (oh I cannot wait for my home office to be revamped)
  5. Do it for yourself first. I love photography so it’s just fun to take the camera and shoot.

And maybe I should add: don’t be overly perfectionist or self-critical. I am not that bad!

Oh! And. I almost forgot. Keep your cats away from the set! Ah!… Enjoy.

Walk on the beach | Shoot

16 Aug

Sarita, one of my bridesmaids and I took a walk on the beach the other day. She is quite an easy person to photograph because she has so much energy, looks amazing and always is having fun.

The light was perfect. Blue, cold, even. The sea and Rangitoto looked like a pastel painting. It was brilliant. And I just snapped a few fun shots, just because I could. Here is the result.

The 7D is finally ours

7 Aug

Just a couple of shots snapped with our 7D this afternoon. Such a beautiful camera and it takes amazing photos. (And I do have a bit of something to do with it).

What do you think of those images?

Crazy about Portugal

5 Aug

Why am I totally crazy about Portugal today you must be asking… Well, simple. This is the home of amazing Brancoprata… And when I say amazing, I mean a-ma-zing.

There is more to them that a pretty blog, with lots of inspiration. André and Sofia are two talented people who are rocking the scene of photography, stationery and event styling when it comes to occasions such as wedding, engagement, birthday parties and the likes. Portugal is their home turf, the world is their oyster!

And they are just so incredibly awesome that I have only one desire: fly them from Porto in Portugal to come and snap some shots at our party in France. Wouldn’t that be incredible? I know it would be an amazing experience and one great encounter. I will let you know how this will pan out.

For now, I will leave you with some amazing photography from Brancoprata. And it is so hard to choose shots to feature here that you may as well go on their blog, facebook or twitter and let yourself be inspired by this warm and amazing team from Portugal. Enjoy!

Photography: André Teixeira | Brancoprata

Caught on the moment

20 Jul

Photo Style | composition

15 Jul

When doing my research on photographic style for wedding, engagement shoot and photography in general, I look at different elements: locations, lighting, angles, composition, movement and action, colours… And I am thinking that I need to find what really makes me tick and feel – ‘right, this is the style I am after’…

Well, in my attempt to draw a clear picture of this (and with in mind the upcoming wedding, for sure), I thought of posting regularly photos that I have come across that fit within each element I am looking for. This way, I keep the inspiration flow going and maybe I will inspire one or two people out there.

So first up, composition.

I am not really one for straight, clear-cut, traditional photography – and those shots below are just a small example of what I mean by ‘break the rules’ but still ‘think about your shot’. It needs to be an intent, rather than a mistake! And that’s what makes all the difference.