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100-day challenge

10 Nov

This is all I have. ONE HUNDRED DAYS.

The countdown to one of the most exciting times of my life is on. And I am sure those100 days will pass by in a flash.

So, for my 100-day-to-go post, I thought I’d just share about some amazing photography that I came about yesterday. I have always wanted to have photos in the water. Not close to it, in it! Jumping in a pool, underwater…

My favourite image of all times is one from Jessica Peterson. A-MA-ZING! It’s been around the web a bit but there is no issue in showing it again and inspiring some other readers with it.

These two black and white shots from Holladay Photo are brilliant too. Not in a swimming pool, but out there in the ocean and how I love my ocean (and we have plenty of it in NZ and around where we are getting married). This would be such fun to do something like this. (wink wink to my photographer out there)

And finally, there is the ‘on-the-water-edge’ photos. A bit more daring (but not that daring, surely) but oh so romantic and pretty. I am in love with those shots. It looks fun and intense at the same time. May as well have some fun with the water once you are soaked with it.

Credit: Studio Foto Blog